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New Picture Book Announcement!

I am excited to announce a new picture book with Red Comet Press. We Sing from the Heart: How The Slants® Took Their Fight for Free Speech to the Supreme Court is a picture book biography about Simon Tam and his battle to claim the name of his band, which he won in a landmark Supreme Court Decision. Illustrated by Victor Bizar Gomez and written by Mia Wenjen,  the book releases Fall of 2024.

We Sing from the Heart: How The Slants® Took Their Fight for Free Speech to the Supreme Court

3 thoughts on “New Picture Book Announcement!

  1. June 17, 2023

    Dear Mia,

    As an NYS licensed reading teacher with experience working with young children and ELA to adolescents in a psychiatric hospital, I often wondered, “Why aren’t my students represented in the books they read? Isn’t it also important for writers to expose children to the beautiful diversity in our sphere, including the many abilities and disabilities worldwide?
    I am the author of three picture books that embrace cultural differences and disability. They feature whimsical characters who struggle to make friends from different walks of life.
    As a self-published writer, finding a venue that will be amenable to even taking a look at them is frustrating.
    Thank you for creating lovely books with educational value that appeal to all children.
    I am going to begin blogging about my experiences helping kids develop social skills and accept differences between them that, include the benefits to children and their grandparents reading daily and bonding over books, preparing kids for a successful school year, clever quips recited by my children, and young students as well as anecdotes that relate to language and literacy.

    Might you have any ideas about how I can begin my journey? I admire your topics and writing style.
    Thank you for your time, and I wish you continued success featuring characters in your books similar to the reader.

    Truly yours,
    Bonnie Lieberman
    (Author of “The Radiant Rainbow Cap,”
    “Seriously, Silly!” and “Will Allie B. Able To Make New Friends?’ (Amazon)- I am totally redoing my website.

    1. Hi Bonnie,
      Here are some resources:

      Josh Funk has a free source on how to write picture books here:
      I joined Writers’ Loft which has virtual children’s book critique groups:
      I took a picture book writing class at my local community ed:

      Just keep writing and learning!



      1. Thank you, Mia. I just saw your comment.

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