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Building Your Email List for Your Kickstarter Campaign

building your email database

Once you’ve decided on where you are putting your email database (spreadsheet, email marketing company), it’s time to start building your list. You want to avoid spamming people but you do want to cast your net as wide as possible. Where can you pull your email list?

  • Your contacts from your email account
  • Your LinkedIn connections (you can export the emails directly from LinkedIn)
  • Your alumni connections from school (high school, college, graduate school)

Once you pull the emails, be sure to export them into a spreadsheet to clean up the list before exporting them to your email marketing database. It’s also helpful to track them by source.

You also want to pull a list of people that you regularly text to. If you are going to text, you might want to remove them from your email list so that you don’t overwhelm them with information about your Kickstarter campaign. Be sure to create a list of who you plan to text as well.

This takes more time than you think so be sure to do this extraction and clean up well before your pre-launch campaign.


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