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Is My Picture Book Manuscript Ready?

Is My Picture Book Manuscript Ready?

I wanted to share my Kickstarter experience for anyone who wants to get their picture book published, so let’s start at the very beginning … is my picture book manuscript done?

Like any creative artistic expression, that’s a tricky question. My advice would be to get a few people to critique your work. Here are a few inexpensive resources to get started.

Free and Inexpensive Resources for Getting Feedback on Your Picture Book Manuscript

Free Resource: KidLit 411 Facebook Group Manuscript Swap. KidLit 411 is a group blog that really focuses on helping new writers and illustrators get their books published. You can exchange picture book manuscripts with other people to get their feedback.

Inexpensive Resource: Writers’ Loft in Sherborn, MA. They offer picture book manuscript critique groups that meet virtually during this time of COVID-19. Typically, the meetings are in-person. Take advantage of the virtual meetings. You can become a member, or simply pay $5 per critique group meeting which is approximately 1.5 hours. The Writers’ Loft also hosts events and classes.

Inexpensive Resource: Children’s Book Writing Class. My local Community Education program offered a children’s book writing class that met four times. Check for classes in your area. You can get valuable feedback from both your teacher and your fellow students.

Free Picture Book Writing Class from Picture Book Author Josh Funk

There are a lot of free and inexpensive resources on how to write children’s books, but it can be overwhelming to digest the wealth of information out there. To keep things simple, here is one great and free resource from a trusted source.

Free Resource: Picture Book author Josh Funk shares his knowledge in a free class with 12 lessons, Josh Funk’s Guide to Writing Picture Books.


Does anyone have questions or want to share resources that they find valuable? Please share in the comments below.

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